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Frequently Asked Questions.

These are some frequently asked questions about Awakesure and services we offer.

Awakesure is a digital marketplace for selling and buying of digital courses and ebooks.
We are only accessible through: www.awakesure.com.

Three parties are involved:

1) Student: We help you as a student learn the right skill from the experts and become creative.

2) Instructor: We help digital creators to sell their digital products and earn income.

3) Affiliates: We help affiliates to sell others people’s products and get paid a commission.

Our services are rendered based on the following three parties:

1) For Student.

We help you as a student to buy learn the right skill from the experts and become creative.

2) Instructor.

We help instructors and digital creators to sell their digital courses & ebooks and earn income.

3) Affiliates.

We help affiliates to sell courses for instructors in our marketplace and get paid a commission.

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